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About Us

Africa Designs Innovation is an international consulting firm. We started our activities a few years ago and we have grown thanks to the excellent relationships we have with our clients on the one hand, and the robustness of our skills on the other hand.

We started on a small scale, but today we accompany organizations, corporations and states on large-scale projects.

Our success is due to our successful integration with our customers. One of the complaints many people have about consultants is that they can be disruptive. Employees fear that outside consultants will come in and destroy the workflow. Our clients do not face such problems. There is absolute trust, and this is felt in the field or when we deliver our reports.

We are an economic design office that assists medium and large clients, both at the strategic and operational levels.

Our missions

We are deeply committed to:

  • Contributing to the development of the African continent through the engineering design thinking approach ;
  • Focusing on understanding the client's needs as a starting point for anchoring the success of projects on the continent.

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ADI has always been at our side. They assist and support us in the execution of our expansion strategy. It's a great entrepreneurial adventure, but above all, it's a fruitful collaboration with cutting-edge experts.

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