Our Team

  • Krystel Nopoudem

    Co-founder & Managing Director

    Co-Founder of ADI and Managing Director, she has been the captain of this ship from the beginning and led it to the prestigious design office it is today....

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  • Annette Wakam

    Co-founder & Project Manager

    Co-founder of Bureau ADI, she coordinates large-scale projects while ensuring quality rendering for each client who contacts us.

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  • Galilee Zoa

    Head of Marketing

    Supporting communication and marketing efforts in a firm specializing in strategy is a difficult task, yet it is there to take the helm...

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  • Armel Kouonlack

    Accountant - Tax Specialist

    ADI's accounting and taxation are in his hands. Much more than a tax specialist, Armel Kouonlack is a conscientious and involved administrative manager...

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  • Cecile Mbella

    Project management assistant

    Sociologue de formation, Cécile Priscille MBELLA est une jeune attirée et passionnée par le domaine du Management et de la Gestion des projets. Au sein du...

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  • Stella Konga

    Assistant Project Management

    Leader proactive avec une expertise en ingénierie de gestion, Stella est une professionnelle motivée à dépasser les attentes des clients et à maximiser...

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  • Thuryn Tchamba

    Consultant Communication Graphique Web Design

    Thuryn Tchamba est un professionnel de la communication par l’image. Formé aux métiers de l’informatique, il a une solide maitrise de l’expérience...

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General Manager, Chips and Chicken

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