Chips and Chicken
Janvier, 2020
Marketing Strategies, Brand Development, B to B Prospecting

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Develop sales of a product. A challenge familiar to all companies. Called to the rescue by a restaurant to put a cash cow product into orbit, ADI accepted and rose to the challenge.

Chips and Chicken is a restaurant based in Yaoundé and successfully evolving in the fast food niche. And one of its flagship products is a brand of juices Yâpe!, fabriquée dans l’unité de production de ce restaurant.


The problem we had to solve was that sales had reached a satisfactory level at the point of sale. And the growth levers to be activated, to increase them tenfold, were to find an outside clientele.

As production capacity was capped at a certain quantity, it was necessary to decline partnership offers with reputable brands that wished to distribute the product. Such as 3 and 4 star hotels, events and other restaurants with a storefront but no production unit.

It was therefore a question of thinking up an appropriate strategy.


Africa Designs Innovation developed, for the client Chips and Chicken, owner of the brand of juice Yâpè! une stratégie de distribution par point de vente fixe.

From the design of the distribution points to the study of profitability and logistics, ADI has thought out the strategy from A to Z.

The registration of the trademark at OAPI as a registered trademark was also done in the same time. Just like a professional photo shoot of the products of the range and the setting up of a quality process respecting very strict standards.

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Philomene Tchouanga
General Manager, Chips and Chicken
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